About the project

Since the moment of founding in 1860 Vladivostok is outpost of Russia on Far East, Russian “gates” to the Asian-Pacific region.

The central part of the city is the most interesting in terms of architecture and history. This website represents reference information about old buildings, monuments, important for Vladivostok places. All these objects are marked on interactive city map, each of them is at the separate page with description and photos.

In the urban environment citizens and guests of the city may find special posters with QR-codes. Having read such code using your mobile phone you can open a page with the list of the nearest objects to you.

In 2012 Vladivostok became the place of APEC Summit holding. We are sure that it will be an impulse for the city to develop and for its tourist attractiveness.

Especially for the tourists website is translated into 4 languages.